Write Safe, unlike many competitors, uses local employees and does not send your work overseas.
Whilst this does make our labour costs higher than some others, we are confident that we offer a superior quality service.

The cost charged for each job is based on a document’s complexity, length, current condition, format, number of images, business branding requirements, etc.

Because of this we do not charge based on the number of words contained in the document, but rather on a time and materials basis. This often works out cheaper than a flat rate based on the number of words, particularly if the document goes through a number of drafts as you continue to develop your document after each review.

If you would like an obligation free quote on a particular document, please use the Contact Us form and attach the document. We will get back to you with an estimate. If you decide to move ahead with the work, we would love to help you. If not, please just let us know and we will delete any materials sent through to us.

We can also develop new templates for your documents, including business branding. As with existing documents please just use the Contact Us form to receive an estimate of costs.

To ask us to do a job for you, please create an account, log in and follow the prompts to create a work request. Once we complete the work, you will be sent a notice and final payment advice. Once the payment has been verified you will receive a link to your document to download at your convenience.